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Grupo BAUMINAS | Quality Standard
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BAUMINAS quality

At the BAUMINAS Group, the commitment to quality is of quintessential value. Such quality starting with employee training, vertical production of raw materials and production of innovative chemical products and extending to sales team calls, product delivery logistics e highly trained technical support.

The chemical products, manufactured with cutting-edge equipment and conforming to existing technical standards, have strict quality standards.

ISO 14001 and SASSMAQ, among others, are some of the implemented and maintained certification standards aimed at management excellence and the continuous search of quality in its products, processes and services.

The BAUMINAS Group adopts the Integrated Management System (IMS) in the conduct of its manufacturing operations, aggregating the best possible practices in all units and standardizing the main directives from the world’s most renown certifications. This system provides better operational efficiency and leads to the BAUMINAS Quality Standard.