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About the company

BAUMINAS Mineração is a strategic company for the Group, for it provides a competitive advantage for BAUMINAS Química in the vertical production of raw materials and offers a selected and differentiated ore selection to market.

Producing mainly Bauxite and Iron ores, extracted from its own reserves, BAUMINAS Mineração operates in a eco-smart manner, following strict environmental norms and reinforcing its commitment with sustainability.

With the development of advanced Bauxite washing and treating techniques, BAUMINAS Mineração possesses an efficient and environmentally responsible productive process.

Counting with 3 mining units, located in Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina, it produces high-quality, high-performance ores for the production of Aluminum and Ferric salts, targeted mainly to the treatment of water and effluent.

Through its Integrated Management System (IMS), BAUMINAS Mineração standardizes the main guidelines from ISO 14001 in all its mining units, guaranteeing the BAUMINAS Quality Standard.

BAUMINAS Mineração exports ore to Mercosur, mainly to Uruguay and Argentina, being responsible for approximately 100% and 75% of Bauxite used for the manufacturing of chemical products in these countries, respectively, and aims to start exporting to countries in different continents.